What Kind Of Gifts Are You Bringing With You This Holiday Season?

What kind of gifts are you bringing with you this Holiday Season? Oh, I’m not talking about the kind of gifts you go to a store to buy, I’m talking about the important gifts only you can bring along.

I’m talking about bringing gifts like love, kindness, wonder, caring and support. Knowing what to say and just as importantly, it’s knowing when to say it. Maybe it’s knowing when not to say anything at all.

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We get so caught up in trying to find the perfect gift that we overlook that wemight just be that perfect gift. We overlook that only those things we hold in our hearts and souls might be a perfect gift. We overlook that  our time and their time merged together might be a perfect gift. Too often we overlook that it’s OK for their perfect gift and our perfect gift to be the same thing at the same time.

Allow yourself to feel deep within yourself whenever you’re searching for a perfect gift for anybody. In other words, not only see with your eyes but listen to your “gut” but then follow it! In the same way, allow yourself to feel when you’re considering what you’d like best this Holiday Season, then position yourself to make it happen.

Gift giving is a tricky thing, isn’t it? Too often, in this fast paced, 24/7/365 world we live in, we’ve forgotten what some of those most important gifts are a smile, a hug, something or someone that might trigger our most wondrous memories.  Maybe it’s a handwritten note or heartfelt time that we spend together.

So, my wish for you this Holiday Season is a heart and soul filled with more gifts than you could ever imagine. If we do it right, as metaphysical as it might seem, we can spend time with someone in the present , that might involve things that happened in the past and when it’s time to say goodby, both of our futures have been improved. (I know that last bit might be a little hard to follow at a single glance. Please feel free to reread it until it makes sense to you.)

No matter what faith  you might follow or even if you don’t celebrate during this Season, I hope you’ll find yourself both recognizing these kinds of wonderful gifts. This goes for both the gifts others are giving you as well as what gifts you might not have realized you’re giving to them.

One final message…

Just like with any kind of gift someone gives you, if you’re lucky enough to receive one of these special gifts, please remember to say thank you. That can be your incredible gift back to them. Ironically, you might have to convince others that they’ve actually given you anything! People aren’t used to realizing just how valuable this kind of gift can be. Don’t  be shy about admitting just how wonderful it made you feel. Be honest and make sure they know what an impact they’ve made on you.

I go back to that long, confusing statement I made earlier.

“If we do it right, as metaphysical as it might seem, we can spend time with someone in the present that might involve things that happened in the past and when we leave and say goodby, both our futures have been improved.”

My wish for your Holiday Season is that because of the knowledge we’ve gotten today from yesterday, all of your tomorrows will be amazing!