Thank Your Lucky Scars

If you get a cut on your arm it will leave a scar. Over time, the majority of the scar will fade away until you barely notice it, unless you really look for it.  

However, when we get a “scar” on our psyche, our heart or our confidence we seldom let it fade away. We do everything we can to remember it and remember exactly where it’s at. Who gave it to us. How we felt. Where we were. What we were smelling at the time. What the weather was. Etc… Etc… Etc…

There comes a time when we must move forward and the only way we can do that is to let go. I’m tempted to say “unfortunately” this is also the hardest part but maybe being so hard is the fortunate part. Maybe it’s the hardest because of how deeply we felt about what we lost. When we get a cut, we really don’t have to do anything to make it heal. Just clean it and let nature take care of the rest. With our psychological scars, that’s not the case. We are constantly meddling with Mother Nature to “make sure we’re doing the ‘right’ thing.” Maybe though, if it’s not hard to move on, then we’d think that we didn’t love as deeply as we thought we did, or realizing that we’re human after all. 

When you obsess over not getting hurt, you get hurt. When you obsess over not letting anyone or anything in, you forget that also means you aren’t allowing yourself to get out or get over it!

Your scars HAPPENED in the past. Your scars  ARE NOT  happening in the present.

All a scar is,is a link to a past event that will either hold us back with FEAR or a link to a past event that will instruct us how not to make the same mistake again AND MAKE OUR FUTURE BETTER!

All our scars should mean to us is that we had some sort of challenge in the PAST and WE SURVIVED! Be proud of them. You faced something and won. Another term for a scar is a lesson learned and a  challenge overcome. 

We all have scars. Some you might be able to see and others you’ll be able to feel. Some scars are kept hidden for a myriad of reasons and some are on public view all the time. All the scars we have or we see, are from the past. Keep this phrase in mind when you’re dealing with your’s or someone else’s… 

“My scars are from THEN, 

I am from NOW. “

I’m proud of how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go! Congratulations!
Now move forward proudly…