It’s Not The “Weight” Of The Problem That Causes You To Break Down, It’s The Amount Of Time We Carry It! 


Everyone on the planet has problems and challenges of one sort or another. Most of the time it’s not the “weight” of the problem that causes you to break down, it’s the amount of time we carry that weight around with us. An hour, a day, a week, a year or in some instances it’s 24/7/365 for the rest of our lives!

As an illustration, most of us could probably hold a 16 ounce can out in front of us for a little while. But imagine how painful that would be the longer and longer and longer and longer we carry that can out in front of us. At some point, our body will just give out. Maybe we’d put so much focus and energy into holding onto that can that other parts of our lives would suffer and we’d eventually end up injuring ourselves physically, mentally or spiritually. The bottom line is that the longer we hold onto it, the worse we will end up feeling.

When it comes to us holding onto all of those negative fragments, sometimes we don’t even realize what we’re doing because its been so long. Sometimes though, we do realize it. It’s that moment when we do realize we’re angry or frustrated or carrying a grudge that we need to ask ourself an incredibly important question…“How much time am I willing to take away from my life in order to feel this way!?!”  This is step one!

Step two? Listen! Listen as life will almost always answer “No More!” Our mind and body will almost always show us the way to be better, to be happier. The tricky part is that we need to first listen, then agree and then act on it. 

Find the time to Listen To Your Life, because whether we’re listening to it or not, it will tell you what you need. 

Find the time to Listen To Your Life. You deserve it!