Ancient Wisdom Helps Me Everyday

Gregg Masters3 hr ago1

Sometimes we look at things or hear things over and over and they tend to lose meaning. Sometimes they never achieve their purpose because we hear them or see them and think to ourselves, “Oh,that’s nice” and leave it at that.

Yeah, let’s not do that!

In this One Minute Blog I want to explain the meaning behind something that I now recite every night. It means a great deal to me and since it was originally told to me, has changed my outlook and my life.

The quick backstory is I first heard this Lakota Prayer at the end of a few long and dangerous weeks. We were on our way home and as tired as I was I was hurting too much to sleep. I wasn’t alone, most of us were hurt, injured or nicked up some how. At some point on the flight, the most wise person I think I’ve ever met came and sat down next to me. She was feeling the same as I was. As we talked, she told me about the Lakota Prayer.  I asked her if she remembered it and she said she still recited it each night and asked if I’d like to hear it. Since saying yes on that flight, it not only changed my outlook on life, but has changed my life.

Here it is. Pay careful attention as you read to not only what the words are asking but how your life might change if these various things would happen. For me it came down to a bottom line of will I be a better person? In my case the answer was yes.

My hope is not only to expose you to this incredible piece of ancient wisdom, I’m also hoping to remind you about the myriad of other things that might be happening in your life that could add unimagined impact to your life.

If you’re so inclined, recite this for a week or so and note any changes. Share this with your spouse, partner, kids or your friends.

Thank you for allowing me to share this. I’ll consider it a success if this has even given you something to consider.