I Wish I Would Have Understood This Phrase much Earlier In Life. Understood and Come to Terms With…

As I grow older and the days behind me grow longer while the days in front of me dwindle, I wish I would have understood the phrase “Thank You” much earlier in life. Not just understood it but also come to terms with it’s power. 

I’ve come to realize that every time we say the words Thank You, they should be said with reverence and honor. Sadly, so many times we utter this meaningful phrase, it’s both without meaning and is simply a filler of some kind because “That’s what was expected.” 

When is the last time you’ve closed your eyes and just kept saying thank you until you truly believed it? 

Until you truly felt the thankfulness? 

Until you found yourself smiling completely and totally due to that wave of thankfulness that washed over you?  

Imagine how you’ll feel when you actually say thank you to someone and mean it. Imagine how they’ll feel knowing it’s heartfelt.  

Even the smallest child doesn’t have time for insincere Thank You’s.  Thank You it turns out, is a kind of portal that can take us from an ordinary place to one filled Gratitude, honor and respect in an instant.  Thank You is simply another form of love in one form or another. 

So Thank You,  not for anything in particular, and at the same time, for all the very specific reasons that need to be said. You honor me by accepting my thanks and passing them along to others. I sincerely hope they’ll do the same for you. 

Peace & Thank You