One Of The Most Important Questions You’ll Ever Ask…

White cubes with question WHAT IF on white paper background and dark shadows

“What If?” Seems like a pretty simple question doesn’t it? Well, I guess it is, but it is also one of the most powerful questions we can ever ask. 

Just like everything else “What If” can facilitate a good outcome or a bad one. Words matter and in this case, words REALLY matter! By asking “What If,” we can chart the landscape that life has laid out for us. Once we seem the possibilities, we can develop a plan of how to make our way through.  Pay attention not only to what you’re asking yourself but HOW YOU’RE ASKING IT! 

The power of “What If” comes down to 2 things…

1- Are we courageous enough to even ask the question in the first place?

2- Are we asking it in a positive or negative way?

“What if I do this thing something bad happens?” isn’t a question, it’s a self fulfilling negative prophesy. Instead, “I need something good to happen so What if I do this thing? What are the potential outcomes” It’s a question that can and should be used for 

Awareness– “What if that notification from my phone means I should keep an eye out for my Uber?”

Security– “What if there’s danger around that corner? How’s the best way to handle it?”

Life lessons– “What if that happens to me again? How would I handle it then?”

Understanding– “What if I were in their situation? What would I want?”

Visualization– “What if I reach that goal? I will feel such a sense of accomplishment and happiness when that happens.”

These are only a few examples of the hundreds and hundreds of “What If” questions we should ask everyday.

Like everything else in life, we have 2 choices…




If you find yourself asking “What If” often and in situations that you wouldn’t have imagined a while ago, then you’ve succeeded! I hope and pray that happens for you. 

What if by simply asking this 2 word question more good things are waiting for you and those you love than you ever imagined? What if….?