Never Forget? We’ve failed to remember the most important thing about 911!

“N E V E R F O R G E T”

Thats the motto that we attached to 911. Well plain and simple… WE’VE FAILED! We’ve not only forgotten but we’ve let down all of those souls lost as a result of 911 over the past 20 years. Oh we still remember the date and we remember that we were attacked and that people died, (although most Americans would be hard pressed to tell you the number who died that day much less the number who have died over the last 20 years as a result.) but we’ve forgotten the most redeeming thing about that fateful day. We’ve forgotten how America came together as one. On that day and a few days after, we were truly The UNITED States of America. We’ve not only forgotten that, but we’ve lost it. The America of today is one that was unimaginable on 911 and it’s our fault.   

We’ve gone from one America, The United States of America, to an American that is deeply divided. An America that just had an attempted coup on January 6th. An America where our highest elected officials, still to this day promulgate false and dangerous conspiracy theories. An America that can’t even come together long enough to put on a mask to protect ourselves and our neighbors from a worldwide pandemic. An America where difference in color, creed, sexual preference seems like an uncrossable and dangerous chasm. An America where science and facts don’t  matter…if your political party tells you they don’t. An America where if you don’t agree with something then it’s fake. An America that seems to have concluded that our arms were made to reach out and accuse others instead of sometimes protecting us and other times wrapping them around those who desperately need our help and compassion. An America that is unrecognizable when viewed from just a few years ago.  No, we’ve definitely forgotten what made us so strong, so noble, so great. The sad truth is that if we don’t remember it soon, it will be lost forever, not even to be read about in history books because they’ll be changed by the eventual winners. 

We owe it to ourselves, our families and certainly to those souls lost as a result of the last 20 years to reestablish the America we deserve, the one those America those souls I spoke of saw 20 years ago.