Assess ~ Adapt ~ Overcome ~ Repeat

Assess ~Adapt ~ Overcome ~ Repeat!

I think it was my dad who first told me this long time ago. Since then, many others in my life at many different times have repeated it. It’s not rocket science but accomplishing these 4 things in this order can be life altering. 


This ones pretty simple. Take the time to look around and really get a good idea what’s going on before you adapt or for sure before you act! 


Once you’ve assessed the situation, take the time to determine what you have to change as you plan your next moves or for sure before you act! 


Once you’ve assessed the situation and adapted your plan, now is finally the time to put your plan into action and overcome whatever challenge is in front of you! 

Congratulations! You’ve succeeded! (…or maybe you didn’t. Either way…) Now you simply have to constantly do it again and again and again and again… You know what the steps are and you know why they must be done. Ask yourself if you are worth coming out on top of the challenge in front of you. If the answer is yes, then repeat the process.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t, but it is always effective and beneficial. 

I can’t begin to count the number of times these simple 3 words have “saved my bacon!” I hope that this simple reminder might help you say the same thing in the not too distant  future too.