Turns Out, Seeking Wisdom Is A Lot Closer Than The Mountaintop!

What’s the purpose of our journey? Wow, that sounds like one of those deep questions we’re  supposed to climb up the side of a mountain and ask the bearded wiseman sitting on top. I disagree. I believe that, that is a question we need to ask and answer ourselves! (And…we need to ask it often!)

It’s not hard to come up with the questions…

—Why am I doing the things that I’m doing? 

—Where is the daily grind that I’m on, taking me? 

—Other that myself, is my path benefitting anyone else? 

—Am I being honest with myself? 

You get the idea. 

Think about it, you’d never get on a plane or train without knowing where it was going! So why don’t we simply do the same thing when it comes to our lives? We get too caught up in life, that’s why! We “tunnel” our focus instead of “scanning!” In the security field doing that is deadly. In life, it’s disastrous too! 

Look, take the time to know where you’re going, your worth it! More importantly, take the time to answer all the questions that will come to mind. This concept can and should be used for life’s “big” questions but also the everyday questions that we often forget deserve asking.

Find the courage to equip yourself with the tools to figure out 

—Who you are 

—Where your heading 

—Why your doing what you’re doing

—who’s along for the ride and who’s helping you and who’s holding you back.

Maybe the most important answer of all, where you are on that life path of your’s right now! After all, the only way you can move in the direction you need to, is to first know where you are! 

So, it turns out that by asking yourself what the purpose of your journey is, means you won’t need to climb any mountains to seek guidance. Instead, it’s an intimate and necessary question just between you and you alone. 

I wish you much success and hope you find your answers along with peace as you travel  down your path.