Don’t Be Voluntarily Ignorant!

Way too often over the last few years people have passed it off as “alternative facts,” fake news, lack of conscience, lies, fear, stupidity,but it’s none of those. What it is, is Voluntary Ignorance

Whether it’s Covid-19, election results, mask wearing, diversity, racial inequity, the latest head shaker…who actually attacked the Capitol on January 6th or vaccinations,  it is nothing but voluntary ignorance!

I guess to put it in plain terms, people we might work with, let teach our kids, walk by us on the street or those we live with are choosing to lie to themselves, their families and friends, their towns, states and country and most sadly, they are lying straight to our faces while lying to themselves. 

The thing is, voluntary ignorance begins much earlier and happens much more than we admit. (Yes, even more voluntary ignorance!) How often have you turned your head or looked the other way so you don’t have to admit something? Maybe it was for one of your children, spouse, friend, coworker, etc? Even worse, maybe it was when you did or said something or didn’t do or say something and then found a handy excuse to hide behind. Voluntary ignorance. Well these things have a way of multiplying (like all lies do) into much bigger and much more complex problems. And here we are…

The only way to stop voluntary ignorance is from the inside out! Recognize it and the stop it first within each of us. Then recognize it in others. Then call it out. Then urge others to do the same. Then appreciate and compliment and help all of those you see who are fighting the same fight you are. 

Voluntary ignorance can be overcome! Voluntary ignorance only dies in the shadows of facts, conscience, wisdom and gratitude. 

I believe in you.  I just hope you believe in you as much as I do!