Daily Archives: November 14, 2020

Just One More Breath. Just One More…

In the course of a day, the average person will take about 20,000 breaths.  Taking in the oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide is what keeps us alive. 20,000 times a day we do this, most of the time without even noticing it.

Right now though, there are thousands of people who want just one more breath. Just one more! Their lungs are burning from the lack of air and their cough just won’t stop. Their eyes water and they are scared. They are scared of not seeing their loved ones again. They are scared of dying. They have the Coronavirus and they are scared. They want just one more breath. Just one more, then another, then another, etc…

So the next time you think Covid-19 is fake news or the next time you aren’t wearing a mask, remember these folks want just one more breath. Just one more. The next time you complain when schools or business are closed, remember that the people who want just one more breath. Just one more! You can kill yourself if you want to, but not your family and friends or the kids down the street battling leukemia or someone you’ve never met before that might have a chronic health condition. So, put your big boy pants on or your big girl pants on and start acting like acting like an adult. Wear a damn mask! Social Distance. Wash your hands. Wait… I’m not done. Check in on your elderly friends and family. Check in on those with chronic health concerns. Do what you can to help those who are struggling physically, mentally, spiritually and/or financially. If you’re in a position to help, then help. If you can’t help, then find another way to help!

Finally, USE YOUR HEAD!!! Find your common sense and use it. Now more than ever before it is a matter of life and death.   During your everyday lives, remember those who want just one more breath. Just one more!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.