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March 13, 2016 Was The Day I Knew America Had Changed For The Worse!

I’ve been through a lot in my life. Births, deaths, ups, downs and more but none lime March 13th, 2016. That was the day when I knew America had changed for the worse.

It was on that rainy March day when the supporters of Donald Trump were looking for a place to park for his rally that was happening at the nearby airport. Parking places were scarce so scores of them decided to park in a nearby cemetery. Actually they decided to park ON a nearby cemetery! Yep! It is as sick and uncaring as you imagine it to be, they drove their cars and trucks into the cemetery itself, driving and over the graves themselves, then parking on top of them. Oh, did I mention my father is buried in that cemetery?!?

So on that gray, rainy, nasty day my phone rang. A friend called to tell me some mind boggling news. “Gregg, I hope you’re sitting down! I’m at the cemetery visiting my mom and the whole place has cars parked all over the graves! I know your dad is buried out here so I wanted you to know. They all seem to be pulling out now” My heart sank as my head exploded! Who in their right mind would park on someone’s grave?

I was without a car that day so while I waited for an Uber I called the cemetery office and left a message. Finally the Uber showed up and the 10-15 minute trip to Dad’s grave seemed like it took hours.

When we pulled in I saw the office was open. I walked in and was met by one of the workers. She walked to my Dad’s grave with me. As I stood there in the heavy mist, I realized my Dad, my family and I gotten off relatively easy, there were “only” some muddy tire tracks running lengthwise down the sod of my Dad’s grave. As I looked around I could see deep ruts on some graves or cracked and sunken headstones on others. I wanted to throw up!

A million questions swirled around in my head.

Who in their right mind would do something like this?

What must they believe in?

What perverted values do they have?

In the ensuing 4 years or so I would come to have all of my questions answered.

Every single day that I have visited my Dad since that day, I apologize to him. I know I couldn’t do anything to anticipate these depraved actions. I apologized for the way America has changed. I apologize for his brother giving his life in WWII for animals like these. America changed for me on that day. If you have a day in your life like this, remember it! If it came into your life once, it will come again and again and again.

The only way to make sure these followers aren’t inspired by their divisive and vindictive leaders is to take action! The most inspired and dutiful action we can all take is to vote!

Yes, March 13th, 2016 was the day I knew America changed for the worse. With all of my soul I hope and pray that November 3rd will be the day it changes back for the better.