Use The Silence You’ve Just Created And Ask Yourself This Question…

Too many people are doing too many things that are selfish, uncaring and egocentric. Too many people have no idea that they are the ones who are acting this way. We must realize that everything… EVERYTHING… begins with us! Are you the kind of person that you’d want you kids to grow up and be like? We must ask ourselves many questions In order to become a better person but this one is one of the most important.

“Is this my best self?”

If we can somehow find a way to ask ourselves this question throughout our days, then the outcome will be that our “Best self” will have ended up living our “Best Life!”

Before making that  “snarky” comment or sending that email. Before using this word or that word or before sending that tweet, take a breath and in that time, use that silence you’ve just created by asking this question…

“Is this my best self?”