I don’t recall giving anybody permission to risk my life!

If we could actually see the Coronavirus, some of us would be a lot less likely to act like a complete idiots! Think about it. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that kills people. KILLS PEOPLE! Now consider that there are people leading protests with no masks or social distancing because they want to be able to get their hair cut! People storming State Capitals while heavily armed! They remembered all their weapons and ammo but forgot their face masks and what social distancing is and does! (Did they bring all those AK’s and deer rifles and hand guns to shoot the virus?) People who maintain the Coronavirus is no worse than the flu and deaths will soon go down to zero and will “miraculously just go away once April comes.” All of this while not wearing a mask even at mask factories or while standing next to WWII veterans!

These people are not only risking their lives, they’re risking our lives! I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall giving anybody permission to risk my life! I’ve tried to understand why these people are acting this way. I get it, we’re all frustrated and want what “normal” once was to be here again. These people can’t really believe that the Coronavirus can be bullied or ignored or lied into oblivion, can they? They can’t be that stupid or uncaring right? Maybe they just can’t imagine something they can’t see. You know, “If I can’t see it, it don’t exist” kind of thing.

So…instead of the Coronavirus, imagine being in our current situation but with thousands and thousands of terrorists in every city and town who want to kill all of us, but especially our elderly. They’ll follow all of us home and try to get inside and attack who they can. Now, would you send your kids outside without protection? Would you take the chance of going out and then leading them back to your mom and dad or grandparents? Still want that haircut?

How about this, what if each virus was big enough to see and it was red in color? Would you skip the mask because you still don’t believe they exist? Would you “take the chance” that nothing will happen on a quick trip to the nail salon when you can see it waiting for you? Would you visit your parents and grandparents even though you had some virus attached to your shoes or clothes or grocery store bags? Still think it’ll go away in April? (Which FYI…was last month.)

Finally, how about if your job everyday was trying valiantly 12 hours a day to keep people from falling into a Coronavirus coma or having to be intubated only to see them die a painful and lonely death with only hospital personnel in full protected gear around them? No family. No hand holding. No conversation. Oh, and Doing all this without the proper protective gear you need. Would you think twice about not wearing a mask as you stand next to a WWII veteran?

Look, I get it. The economy has crashed. We’re all scared and frustrated, losing money and unsure. If you’re not, you should be. But putting others lives at risk because you want what’s good for you and to hell with everybody else, is not only wrong America, it’s immoral.

When all of this is over, and it will be over at some point, remember those people who have been willing to gamble with your life! Remember those “friends” who put your lives at risk along with your kids, your mom and dad and grandparents lives too. They’ll pretend like nothing ever happened but remember. Remember those mayors and council members, State Reps and Governors, Congressmen and women along with administration officials and our President who chose to deflect facts and play with our lives in order to pay off past promises or get reelected. They’ll pretend like nothing ever happened and they were always working for you. Remember.

Nope, I don’t recall giving anybody permission to risk my life! Have you given anyone permission to risk you life? Facts are facts, you might not like them but we must accept them in order to move forward. Don’t believe me? Well, I can think of more than 70,000 people in this country who would have disagreed with you, if they could have had the chance to… before they died.