Do. Your. Duty. (Yes, I Mean You!)

We all have a duty to do and the time has come to “put our big boy and big girl pants on” and do it!

Quite honestly I’m sick of hearing people throw their hands up and ask what else they can do. Do your duty! Yes,  we all have a duty no matter who we are, where we are, what we’ve gone through or what color our skin is! Do your damn duty!

That policeman kneeling on George Floyd’s neck had the responsibility to do his duty to serve and protect everyone! He failed!

The 3 other police on the scene had the responsibility to do their duty to stop a murder and save a life. They failed!

The person who realized they had a camera to capture this tragic injustice happening had the duty to record it for others to see. They did their duty.

The men and women who were moved to prayer by seeing Mr. Floyd’s death had the duty to enter that solemn state.

The men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia have been charged with failing to do their sacred duty.

A White Nationalist who ran down Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia also failed to do his duty in life.

The men and women who felt moved to protest these injustices had the duty to go out and let their voices be heard. They did their duty!

All people had the duty to make sure their words and actions showed honor and respect for Mr. Floyd and all others who have been killed and violated.

The men and women who decided to set fire to cars and businesses failed to do their duty.

The men and women who decided to break $2000 storefront windows or loot local stores that in other times provided a lifeline to the community, they failed their duty.

Those politicians who spew messages of divisiveness and macho hate have failed to do their duty.

Those people and politicians who have said nothing to help the situation and are hiding within their silence have failed to do their duty.

Those politicians and followers who are using their energies and words and actions to bring America together are doing their duty.

Those who are checking in regularly on those who might be scared and filled with anxiety, if only to let them know they’re not alone, are doing their duty.

Those who get up everyday and resolve to continue to not only battle the civil unrest in their towns and this country but also to battle the Coronavirus Pandemic (that now has amazingly taken a back seat) continue to do their duty.

Those who in some way, any way, many ways are helping those who need help are doing their duty.

Those who talk about helping or only wishing they could help are failing to do their duty.

We all have a duty to do whether it is professional, personal, humanistic or directed toward ourselves, our friends, families, environment, country the world and more! We all have a duty that is baked within us. We all have the responsibility to do our duty. We also have the responsibility to see others who we may or may not like, and accept that some of them aren’t doing their duty, accept that some are definitely doing their duty and seeing how we can join with others and begin to do our duty!


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy