The World Must Change! (By The Way, It’s Your Responsibility!)

There comes a time when you just feel yourself being “wide open” to life. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean being wide open to allowing yourself to allow being yourself! To allow yourself to begin to do the things that you were put here to do.

It’s scary as Hell! It lets you know you’re in a place where you’ve never been and you’re on your way to a place where you’ve never been. Embrace it! Allow yourself to flourish.

We get scared because we somehow think things around us will be different. Well, they will be! We also get scared because we think that we’ll be a different person. Well, we will be! Allow yourself to flow along that positive path and when you next look, you will be a better person. You will also be a person who you will like more.

You must also know that if you choose not to do your best to change yourself, change the world and people around you, then the world and people around you will change anyway, and not for the best. Sadly, the same will happen to you.

Allow yourself to realize that it’s your responsibility to change the world only in the ways you can. No more. No less. But to change the world is why you were put here! It’s also why it is your responsibility to do it!