Daily Archives: January 8, 2020

Are You “Happy” Or Are You Happy?





Many years ago after a long few days of work, I found myself sitting down for a drink across the table from an “A” list actress that I had been working with. (Not as an actor but in a different capacity.) As we talked about past events and future projects and hopes, I asked her a simple question. “Are you happy?” I mean, she had money, fame, was recently married and producers were knocking down her door. I remember that she started to answer quickly and then stopped for what seemed like a very long time. Finally, she put her fingers up to form air quotes as she said, “I am ‘happy’ but I don’t think I’m happy.” We talked about that in-depth for quite a while. Even now as I see her on TV or on the big screen, I both wonder and hope that she was able to take the quotation marks away and is now … happy … READ MORE