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Things I’m hoping For In 2021…..

Things I’m hoping For In 2021…

This year more than any other, we need to look back in a somber and respectful way about what happened, while looking forward into 2021 with hope that is fueled by gratitude.

Here’s a few of the things that I’m hoping 2021 will bring us. Some serious and some… not so much.


•I’m hoping that 2021 finds us turning back the wave of Coronavirus that 2020 brought us.

•I’m also hoping that in 2021 we’ll all remember the hundreds of thousands of deaths from Covid-19 in the United States and the millions around the world with respect and the resolve to never let this happen again.

•I’m hoping that 2021 delivers us Peace and Hope and Gratitude along with the Wisdom to allow them into our lives.

•I’m hoping that in 2021 all those people who feel the need to stand sideways with their hands on their hips in every picture they take realize that it ain’t workin! It just looks like you’re standing sideways with your hand on your hip! Take a great picture by being in the moment with those who are there with you.

•I hope that in 2021 more people might realize that the light at the end of the tunnel you’re seeing just might be a mirror reflecting the light within you as you get closer.

•I’m hoping 2021 will bring back hugs.

•I’m hoping that 2021 shows us how to make a New Normal that is not only New but Better and more indicative of what human beings were supposed to be like.

•I’m hoping that 2021 shows us that the revisionist history championed in the last few years, remains in the past and those leading that parade are destined to be remembered as clowns and charlatans.

•I’m hoping that 2021 sees the United States get back to not only leading the world again but also leading within our own borders again.

•I’m hoping 2021 shows us a better way to parallel park.

•I’m hoping for health in 2021.

•I’m hoping that more people notice more consistently “the least among us” and choose to not just talk about them but actually do something to help them.

•I’m hoping that 2021 will see all of my favorite sports teams win every single one of their games. (In the games and matches with their rivals, I’m hoping 2021 sees my teams winning those contests by triple digits! Just saying…)

•I’m hoping that in 2021 we realize that what we’re given is one thing but how we react to it is even more important.

•I’m hoping that in 2021 Hope is not forgotten or shuffled to the background. Let’s face it, in 20◼️◼️ (The Year That Must Not Be Named) many of us saw the brightness of Hope and Wonder dim. We began not to trust each step on our path because it was clouded with fear.

•I’m hoping that 2021 will be the year that we all rave about as being unexpectedly amazing and wonderful on a scale even greater than this year was the opposite.

•I’m hoping that 2021 allows you to find all the single socks once lost in the wash, find where you put the remote, that miraculously you have plenty of AA batteries in the junk drawer, that you find a $20 bill in those pants you haven’t worn for a while and that you not only find but allow happiness and love into your life.



Back To Normal Isn’t Enough!

Back to normal doesn’t cut it! We not only should, but must create a new normal that is better, more fitting and more loving than where we’ve been living! If we choose to strive for what we had, it’s regression. If we choose to strive for what we’ve dreamt about it’s what we deserve. Look beyond the roadblocks of mediocrity that others will throw up.  Choose to advance yourself, your family, you community and country to a new normal that is worthy of who we strive to be by realizing and achieving first what we need and then what we want and then what we couldn’t even dare to dream of!

Just One More Breath. Just One More…

In the course of a day, the average person will take about 20,000 breaths.  Taking in the oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide is what keeps us alive. 20,000 times a day we do this, most of the time without even noticing it.

Right now though, there are thousands of people who want just one more breath. Just one more! Their lungs are burning from the lack of air and their cough just won’t stop. Their eyes water and they are scared. They are scared of not seeing their loved ones again. They are scared of dying. They have the Coronavirus and they are scared. They want just one more breath. Just one more, then another, then another, etc…

So the next time you think Covid-19 is fake news or the next time you aren’t wearing a mask, remember these folks want just one more breath. Just one more. The next time you complain when schools or business are closed, remember that the people who want just one more breath. Just one more! You can kill yourself if you want to, but not your family and friends or the kids down the street battling leukemia or someone you’ve never met before that might have a chronic health condition. So, put your big boy pants on or your big girl pants on and start acting like acting like an adult. Wear a damn mask! Social Distance. Wash your hands. Wait… I’m not done. Check in on your elderly friends and family. Check in on those with chronic health concerns. Do what you can to help those who are struggling physically, mentally, spiritually and/or financially. If you’re in a position to help, then help. If you can’t help, then find another way to help!

Finally, USE YOUR HEAD!!! Find your common sense and use it. Now more than ever before it is a matter of life and death.   During your everyday lives, remember those who want just one more breath. Just one more!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.