Not Making a 2020 Resolutions is a Waste! (A waste of your future!!!)

Be prepared for all of the naysayers and doom and gloom about to come your way if you slip and mention that you’re making some New Year’s Resolutions this year! After laying your soul bare about how you’ll make yourself better, people are more than willing to throw dirt on the process and even the thought behind it. So here’s what you do when that happens…..


I don’t get it! I mean what do people have against making their lives better or their friends lives becoming better? The answer is always a “Well nothing but…..” There are a few other things I “don’t get” either…

•Why would a person not want to better themselves?

•Why would you not spend the time to assess where you are, where you want to go and how to get there?

•Why would we listen to the world say it’s stupid when we know deep within us it is needed?

That’s one of the reasons why people make these huge resolutions that have no chance  of success. Part self fulfilled prophecy, part “Get This Over As Quickly As We Can” and part peer pressure.

So here are some of my recommendations for making your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions…

First, make resolutions by the month, not by the year! Even then, make only 2 or 3 for the month, then on the 15th, check in and see how they’re doing. If you need to make adjustments, make em!

When it comes to resolutions, size matters! We all want things to change for the better in huge ways and we want it right now! Ain’t gonna happen!!! If you want to lose 20lbs next year, then shoot for losing 2lbs in January. As with my earlier point, see how you’re doing on the 15 and adjust if you need to.

Find the reason why you want the change in your life. Too often we pay attention to what others say or want and don’t pay enough attention to our true feelings. Once you come up with the resolution, ask yourself why?

I have more but finally, stop worrying so much about getting rid of things in your life and instead start planning on the things you need to add to your life! For instance, if you want to lose weight, what good foods can you add that you’ll also like that would make that happen? Only 1 or 2? Great! Give it a shot. Things too cluttered in the house? Maybe  adding some sort of furniture that would help keep things in order might help.

Find the good things in life and then make them part of your life!

One of those good things, is doing your best to make yourself a better you! New Year’s Resolutions can do that if you allow them too. All those yahoos telling you stupid it is to make them, won’t spend 24 hours a day with you or check in on you or have any clue what your heart or soul really, really wants. Only you know that. So when it comes to those naysayers telling you how stupid New Year’s Resolutions are, as I mentioned earlier in my very understated way… IGNORE THEM. IGNORE THEM. IGNORE THEM!

Happy New Year