Focus Is Your Most Important Holiday Gift

The closer we get to the end of the year the more stress, frustration and even anger we feel. It might be due to the quickly approaching Holidays or the end of one year and the beginning of another. It also might be due to the obligations we feel about getting gifts, receiving gifts and/or spending time with our family and friends that in reality, might not be so friendly. Of course we can’t forget the ever popular finances or lack thereof that Seem to be a part of all of our stresses.  Sadly, for many people, the deeper we get into the “Season of Love,” the less evidence of that love actually shows up! So, it’s up to us and what we focus on, not what others do or don’t do that might influence us to stay on or veer off course. that’s why FOCUS is the most important Holiday gift at your disposal!

Early this morning as I was outside with my dog Billy, I noticed two squirrels making their way up a tree. My attention stayed on them as they circled the tree on their climb higher and higher. Every once in a while, they’d stop and face each other as though they were talking. Soon they were jumping from limb to limb and back again. They seemed to be having a great time and so was I. Something else grabbed my attention for just a few seconds and when I looked back, they were gone. My focus had shifted and now it was time to move on and focus on another future memory. I relearned a big lesson this morning. Was I grateful for the memories that my focus had given me? Absolutely! Was I sorry that the time I spent wasn’t spent on something else? Absolutely not! But, here’s the big question…WAS THE TIME I SPENT, WORTH IT? Once again, absolutely yes!

We make time for what we make time for. We choose the time to be mad or vengeful or loving or kind. It’s our choice how we feel and how we react.

If the shoppers at the store are being rude or the drivers on the road are full of rage, it’s up to us what we focus on and whether we join them or take another path.

If the people at a Holiday party or family get together are doing their best to “push your buttons,” it’s up to us what we decide to focus on and whether we decide to confront them and end up feeling lousy or take another path and make them all wonder why we’re so happy!

When we’re feeling lonely, forgotten, sad or unimportant it’s our choice whether to follow those negative emotions “down the rabbit hole” or focus on something, anything positive and follow it down better path.

Focus is our most important tool this Holiday but realizing that we both have it and can use it is the most important gift we can receive!

Where you focus is where you will end up. My wish for you is that you will both focus and end up in a good place this Holiday. When others around you are choosing to bring those around them down, my wish for you is that you find that place of peace within you and rest there until the noise around you has quieted. My wish for you is that you find yourself focusing less on the obligations and much more on the gratitude.

Find your focus. Listen to your focus. Follow your focus, believe in it and believe in you!