For a long time I’ve been thinking about, talking about and writing about achieving Mental Weightlessness. People always look at me like I’m nuts when I say it, so I thought I’d take another crack at it for you, here today.

You know all those people in your life that are always angry at someone for some reason or they are holding a grudge from 10 years ago or they are SUPREMELY pissed about something…but if you really ask, they don’t quite remember all the details anymore? Well they are hanging on to all of the anger and hate and resentment and vitriol and bigotry every second of every minute of every hour of every days. THAT is why they are like they are.

We all do this in one way or another. Some of us are more successful and getting rid of those fragments than others are. They are the people who are closer to Mental Weightlessness! When I talk about achieving Mental Weightlessness, I’m talking about leaving behind all of the completely useless emotions and negativity that holds us back and clouds our judgement. It’s like every single day negativity wants to go for a ride with us, but never pays for gas!

Look, life has SO much noise continually buzzing around us that it makes it hard to walk a path of honesty! We need to be honest to ourselves. Instead, we end up playing games instead of living life.

Instead of walking that honest path and considering what it means to be honest to ourselves and appreciating our lives and being grateful for each fleeting second, we turn to games. 

We play the “My Friends Don’t Like It So I Don’t Either Game!” 

We play the “What About Them Game!” 

We play the “ Yea, But They Did It” game. 

We play the “You Hurt Me So I’ll Hurt You (even if I or you might not remember it) Game” and so many others.

So as a result, somewhere along the line in our lives, we’ve made the decision to carry these little bits, these fragmentations of negativity with us. We carry our negativity with us and use it as a shield against all things in our world. We use it against our boss, our politicians, things we don’t like, our obligations, our partners, our children, our friends and ourselves. The truly sad part is that the negativity doesn’t shield us at all. All it does is attract more and more and more negativity, sorrow and anger. Pretty soon you just can’t understand why this happened or why that person said this or why you feel so alone and isolated. Your Negativity Shield has done its real job!

Unless you want to spiral down, just slowly enough so as you don’t realize it, your walk towards Mental Weightlessness needs to begin now! You must get rid of those fragments of negativity. You must overpower the hatred, anger, bigotry and negative aura that is surrounding you. (You know, all those things you’d swear you don’t do and aren’t part of you!) The only way to do that is with the help of Negativity’s arch enemy, Positivity. 

Pay attention to what you think, say and write. Facebook and Twitter are a virtual petri dish for negative energy. Pay attention to the negative words and ideas you hear from others, then turn it around and ask yourself…


Simply by being aware of the negativity around you, you are already beginning to clean up the “neighborhood.” Soon you’ll be asking yourself why you said this or that, why that thought popped into your head, why a certain person hasn’t called for a while and figuring out the right things to do to solve these new opportunities. Soon you’ll be telling yourself how much better you feel for seemingly no reason at all. Oh, there’s a reason! Believe me, there is a reason, and you are in the process of changing it!

So when I say people always look at me like I’m nuts when I say Mental Weightlessness, that’s why I’m not nuts.

I’m not nuts when I want my friends to achieve Mental Weightlessness. I’m not even nuts when I want those I “don’t get along with” to achieve Mental Weightlessness. I’m not nuts when I want those I love to achieve Mental Weightlessness. And I’m certainly not nuts when I want to achieve Mental Weightlessness myself. I’m just somebody who wants his neighborhood, his social media, his country and his world to be filled with people who are acting like the human beings that we were created to be, and that includes me too. I’m just someone who wants to feel gratitude not only for the things I know about, but for the things I have no idea about. I want to feel how incredible it feels to be Mentally Weightless and I want you to come along for the ride! (I’ll pay for the gas!)