What’s My Purpose In Life?

What’s My Purpose In Life?

I am far from the old whitebearded man sitting atop a mountain as followers arduously climb it to find the meaning of life, but I will give this one a shot. There have probably been many times in our lives when we wondered what our purpose was or our purpose in life.  Phrase it however you want to, from “What’s my purpose in life?” to “What the Hell am I supposed to do now?” or even just “Why?” we’ve all wondered if we’re on the right track.

Whenever this comes up, we almost always look at it in the biggest sense. By that I mean we want to know our “Grande Purpose” in the giant gears of life. The trouble with that is, NOBODY KNOWS! Oh yea, we’d like to know the answers and some people pretend to, but they don’t. But instead of the huge view, we can have an understanding of our purpose on a smaller scale. We need to look at our daily life or the lives of our family or friends or even complete strangers we might be around. 

Think of it in these terms, isn’t our real purpose in life, to actually live each of the small purposes that present themselves during the day? We know our purpose in almost every instant of the day we live. We simply need to rise to it! Sometimes we ignore it and pretend we’re living up to it. 

Now is the time to be courageous and embrace our purposes. Be more aware of our small purposes through the day and rise to their challenges. The extensive collection that we build of all of those small purpose victories throughout our life, then answers the question of “What’s my Purpose?”

In other words…(and here is the answer to the big question…)

Q-   What’s My Purpose In Life?

A-   To Live Each Moments Purpose To The Utmost!

My wish for you is that you will  achieve all of your small purposes…..