Our Nation~Our Emergencies

Since the President’s announcement that he was declaring a National Emergency on our southern border, I’ve been thinking a lot about those two words. National Emergency.

I think this declaration was a political stunt. How did I come to that? Well a bit of common sense and talking with a couple of friends who live there plus several friends who work on the border. You might disagree and have your reasons. (FYI…just because we might disagree, that doesn’t mean I don’t like you or respect you.)

.So, are there any other things that I would deem as National Emergencies? You bet! 

Here are just a few that come to mind…

•Ongoing Interference by State      actors like Russia/China/Iran/Saudi Arabia, etc…

•Gun Violence

•Drug Abuse

•Teacher Pay

•Gang Violence

•Parental involvement w/ family

•Cyber Security

•Election interference

•Voter Suppression

•Crumbling infrastructure 


•Climate Change


•College Cost

•Veteran Care/Reintroduction 

And if they don’t qualify as emergencies, there are most certainly epidemics of intolerance, bigotry, rationalization, hatred, close mindedness, insensitivity and active wars being waged against facts, fairness, common sense, Being an American above  Republican or Democrat and also a complete lack of respect for anyone who is different whether in skin color, sexual orientation, country of origin or even political party.

No, many of these aren’t new. That doesn’t make them any less worrisome.

I don’t know much. (There are many who will agree with that last statement.) But I do know a few things. Here are some of them…

•I’m worried about the United States of America

•As my Dad used to say “A fact is still a fact even if you wish it wasn’t

•We learn from those who are different from us

•I’ve seen too many of my friends pay the ultimate price, to watch some within this country accept the aid of other countries in order to influence our way of life.

•If a man is drowning, sitting on the bank telling him you’re sending him your “thoughts and prayers” is a good way to watch him die! There come a time when you have to reach out and pull them out of the water!

•Country over party!

   (Nuff said on that one…)

I also know this, we have it within us to be better, kinder, more loving, more empathetic and charitable, but only if we choose to do be, if for no other reason than we must! Yes, we must…