I Hope That You’ll Be Alive Tomorrow!

I hope that you’ll be alive tomorrow! WHAT? WHAT KIND OF STUPID STATEMENT IS THAT!?!


I know that this isn’t the kind of thing we normally say, but think about it for a second. We never know what might happen to us. Things happen that can change our lives irrevocably or even end it in an instant! No warning. No discussion. Just “poof”…gone. 


I think the question actually is, why don’t we tell the people in our lives how much they mean to us? Why don’t we tell people we love them, they matter, what they’ve said or written has made a difference in our life and and thousand more things that we “should” say, but choose not to?


Maybe it’s because, deep down we know that things could change or people could be gone, we just don’t want to deal with it. If we put it off until tomorrow or until the next time we talk to them then that means things will still be the same or that they’ll still be alive, right? Wrong! Sadly we don’t have that kind of power.


As I reach the age where I say goodby to more and more friends and family, one of the saddest things I can hear at a funeral or wake is this statement…


“She made such a difference in my life.”




“He was a Hell of a guy. He’ll be missed.”


It is so sad to me because these wonderful comments would have meant so much to that person WHILE THEY WERE ALIVE! Tell the people around you that they matter. This will require a change for you. It might even make you feel uneasy to share your feelings.  Remember this though, Gratitude and Thankfulness trumps uneasiness any day of the week!


So, what are the kinds of things that we can do to let others know they matter? 


Here are just a few ideas….


•Tell them they matter


•Pay attention to them


•Listen to them over a cup of coffee or telephone conversation


•Send them a note in the mail (Yes, the actual Postal Service)


•Call them “for no reason at all”


•Take them out to lunch


•Send them a text or Direct Message 


•Drop flowers by their home


•Call a restaurant and order them a dinner, then have it delivered or take it by yourself


•Invite them over to watch a favorite show or game or boxing match


•Send them money. (I know this is a tough one both for you and them) So many folks need money for food or for prescriptions. You can send it, drop it by or even send it  


•Explain how much this person, their words or actions mean to you.


(Please feel free to add your own actions onto this list! They will mean SO very much!)



Sadly, most people won’t do any of these. Not because they are bad people, but just because they can’t bring themselves to open up. The good news is that the people like you WILL do it. If you’ve gotten this far in this blog, that proves that you want to make a difference in your world and for the people in it. Remember that improving the world begins with the world around you.  Improve that, and that positive energy will continue to ripple out.


Finally, thank you! Being willing to open yourself up in order to help someone else is a key piece of being the kind of human being we were all meant to be. 



So I hope you’ll be alive tomorrow…so we can talk, laugh, plan and hope for our futures together. From me and on behalf of those you’ll help….