3 Thoughts to Consider

I want to leave you here with three thoughts of mine to consider.



On windy nights, have you ever just listened to the wind? Leaves rustle, wind chimes sing, trees moan as the wind moves through them. And, wise people…listen


Raindrops must have an amazing journey as they fall to earth, knowing what life giving properties they are bringing


If you walk somewhere, & you don’t see something that fills you with wonder, then you need to walk again. You’ve missed something



So what does this have to do with your life, my life or life in general? Well how about if you think of it this way…

Thought 1 tells us that listening is one of life’s most important gifts we’re given.

Thought 2 suggests that whenever we go  and wherever we go, bring gifts either spoken or unspoken, seen or unseen with us for those we encounter in life.

Thought 3? Even during those times when we don’t see anything positive around us, know that it is there, regardless. If we don’t see the wonder around us, go back. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and life itself.