Put Yourself Together


Put yourself together!
We do this every single day, right?
Well………..sort of.
We spend an inordinate amount of time putting together our outside for whatever the day holds. Think about it, we take our showers or baths, we brush our teeth and floss, (put that one in there for all of the dentists out there) make sure our hair and face is how we want it, put our clothes and outfits together, our shoes, put together all of the business materials we might need for the day and on and on until we walk out the door.
So, how much time do we spend on putting ourselves together on the inside each day? The honest answer is probably not much if at all. If we focus on the inside at all each morning, compare and contrast the amount of that time and effort versus the time and effort spent putting the outside together.


So, before you go out door each day promise yourself some things…


•Promise yourself that you will do your best to be aware of your ego! That appreciating the approval of others will be nice, but the rush of knowing you’ve just taken another step forward as a good human being is so much more valuable.


Promise yourself a Smile! Take 60 seconds right after you wake up and smile. Force it if you must, but Smile. If not in bed, smile while you take your showers, drive to work, etc. Smile! It physically makes a difference in your body!


•Promise yourself that YOU WILL NOT practice avoidance today! Know that “failure” is SO much better than avoiding each and every potential obstacle on your path.


• Promise yourself always to do your best to give yourself a 360 degree view of life. The truth or all of the facts are seldom seen in one glance. Look around, ask yourself and others questions and then listen to the answers.


Promise yourself to be authentic! Look, being authentic as we go through our day is the only way to grow! We must be honest with ourselves, others and learn from that authenticity.


•Promise to Focus on the feelings you will have once you achieve the goals you’ve set or walked past or through the fear. Most of the time, we surround our goals, challenges and fear with all of these terrible obstacles that our own imagination has created.


At night, find yourself 2 or 3 minutes at the end of the night to think back over the things you’ve done well that day and visualizing how your next day will go with the most positive outcomes possible.

So when it comes to your tomorrow’s, put yourself together both on the inside and outside.
And…if you have kids, teach them the importance of doing this too as well as How To Do It! They will thank you by living an improved life each day of their life!