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    We all hear the phrase Pay It Forward and think to ourselves what a great concept it is! And……then we move on with our life and somewhere in all of the noise, Pay It Forward gets lost. Well, today you and I are gonna give it another shot! […]

The insincerity of trying to be sincere

The insincerity of trying to be sincere

There are so many different opportunities we have every day to be sincere and we often give it our best try, but in the final analysis, we aren’t. That doesn’t mean your a bad person, it just means you’re human. Think about it, we shake hands with someone and it’s just two hands meeting instead of what a handshake is supposed to be. Sometimes we hug others, even our friends or family and we hug by barely touching each other and most certainly aren’t conveying anything other than a quick “Hi” followed by “let’s move on now!”

Are we really showing others we care?

Are really showing others we care?

Are we doing everything we can do to show others that we care?

One of the most wonderful things you can ever do for someone else is care! Do we always show them that we care though or do we sometimes pay more attention to the TV, video game, person we’re texting or calling or even just reading the paper?