So what now? (Part Two)
















So what now?


This was the “question of the hour.” I posed it on November 9th, and it still is the “question of the hour” today!

As of noon, on January 20, 2017, the United States of America has a new President. At the same time, this Country faces a kind of divide we have never faced before. Slightly less than half of the people in the Country are thrilled with the new President and are feeling energized, happy and encouraged about the future. A little bit more than half of the Country is not happy at all with the new President and are feeling sad, worried and scared for themselves and the Country.

Sadly, for so long, so many have viewed life through a partisan bubble. Worse, this also means so many have been living in that partisan bubble too! We’re at a crucial time in this Country and if we want to move forward, the only way to do that is as the “UNITED” States of America.

As for the President, congratulations! Your job is much tougher now than it was during the election. Now, Mr. President, you MUST find a way to inspire those who not only are thrilled to follow you but those who aren’t. Those who don’t trust the promises you make or those of the new Congress either. You will not only be leading Americans, by the way, you will be leading, influencing and embracing the world. It’s time for all our branches of government to stop living in that partisan bubble and start reminding themselves the actions they’re taking, aren’t just words on a page or a “political notch on the bedpost.” Your actions are affecting real people, encouraging or scaring real people and are in fact, a matter of life and death for the real people of this Country.

And as for us? No matter whether we’re happy about our new path or not, it’s time for all of us to step up and find some passion. We need to use the gifts we have to build a more loving and caring place for us, our kids and future generations. (By the way, this holds true not only in the U.S. but in every country in the world, including the one where you might be in reading this). No matter what our politicians do or say, our job is still the same. We all need to make sure the concept which has grown over the last few years, “Whoever yells the loudest is speaking the truth” is still and will always be wrong!


I’ll say it again…


No matter what our politicians do or say, our job is still the same.


Simply Be A Good Human Being


Don’t just reach out to others…




Be the change you want to see happen. If you want more love, then “Be Love.” If you want more kindness, then “Be more Kind.” If you want more tolerance in the world, then “Be more Tolerant.” If you want more peace in the world, then “Be Peace.”

Be the change that you want to see happen.

Others are always going to have different positions and viewpoints than you do. Realize that different isn’t bad. As a matter of fact, diversity is the only way to grow and learn. Understand that your job is each day, 24/7/365 to stand by your values. But do it in a civil way that not only finds a way to make something productive happen but shows respect for others!

My Dad used to tell me to respect myself enough to respect others.

As it turns out, all these years later, my dad is a ” pretty smart fella…”

Fittingly, it was my son Mason who reminded me after this peaceful transition of power, if the people are united in love and empathy, drive for what is right, not what is partisan, then politicians of all walks of life and all levels must unite with the common man. And isn’t that what America should be about?

(Turns out, my son is a “pretty smart fella” too!)