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STOP IT!!! (We hate being told that, don’t we?)


One of the things we most dislike in life is when we’re told to stop doing something we’re involved in.

“How dare you!”  “You have the gall to tell me to stop?”

That’s what we think, even if it’s not what we say. The trouble is so many times in our lives we’re doing things that need to be stopped. But we don’t realize it.

So what now? (Part Two)

So what now?

This was the “question of the hour.” I posed it on November 9th, and it still is the “question of the hour’ today!

As of noon, on January 20, 2017, the United States of America has a new President. At the same time, this Country faces a kind of divide we have never faced before. Slightly less than half of the people in the Country are thrilled with the new President and are feeling energized, happy and encouraged about the future. A little bit more than half of the Country is not happy at all with the new President and are feeling sad, worried and scared for themselves and the Country.

Humanity – It’s not Us versus Them

On Sunday night, the day before Martin Luther King Day, I watched my friend Barbra Niven on a Facebook Live broadcast. She was doing several things. First, she was with her daughter, her daughter’s husband and her business partner as they debuted the band Orbit Monkey’s music video called “Be The Change.” Barbara and her group were not just taking a stand against hate and discrimination. They were offering a blueprint for combatting the negative energy we all come up against, whether we’re Democrats, Republicans, men, women or children.