So What Now?
















So what now? Man, is that the question of the hour! Well nobody really knows. As we woke this morning after the election, probably 45% of the country was happy, excited and energized, 40% of the country was sad, fearful and angry, while sadly, 15% of the country just doesn’t care. (By the way, these numbers are mine. They are what I imagine is the case. (WARNING: Kids, don’t use these in a term paper at school as scientific fact!)

This country now faces the kind of divide that we have never faced before. We have a divided country that has gone through an election jeering at the “other side,” while living in a partisan bubble. That goes for all of us in one way or another. Well, that’s over now. If we want to move forward, the only way to do that is as the “UNITED” States of America.

As for the President, congratulations! Now he has a much tougher road ahead to do than he faced in his election. Now, he must find a way to inspire those who not only are thrilled to follow him, but also those who don’t want to or are afraid to allow themselves to be inspired by him, both in this country and around the world. Running for a job is one thing, but now he faces the daunting task of actually doing the job!

For us, there are some very important things that we can do to move forward, no matter which of the groups we might fall into.

For those who are happy today, good for you! I’m happy that you’ve found a way to channel your passion. Use it to move the entire country forward, not just yourself. It’s not time to do a “happy dance,” but it is time to congratulate yourself and your friends.

For those who aren’t happy today I’m reminded of this…
“You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it!” I’ve been told this a thousand times and it’s never more true than now. You can’t undo the election but you can, and must, still respect the office of the President. Understand your fears and anger. It’s ok to feel that way, but now live your life, not your anger and/or fear.

Of those who don’t care, stop it! Not caring is a lousy way to move through life. Not caring is a life choice that affects every single aspect of your life, not just politics. Think of someone who you love, now think how you’d feel if they just didn’t care about you!?! Pretty nasty huh? Find some passion, use the gifts that you have and use them to move towards caring. A great place to start, is to begin caring about and helping others. Serve a dinner at a shelter, take some flowers to a neighbor, make a donation of time, money and/or your talent, even anonymously.

No matter what our politicians do or say, our job is still the same.
Be A Good Human Being
It’s still not right to bully people, mock people or assault people. The concept which has grown over the last few years that, “Whoever yells the loudest is speaking the truth” is still wrong.

I’ll say it again…
No matter what our politicians do or say, our job is still the same.
Be A Good Human Being
Not only reach out to others, but once you do that, help them up.
Understand that others are going to have a different position than you do. Realize that different isn’t bad, different is a way to grow and learn. Understand what your job is, each day, 24/7/365
Stand by your values, but do that in a civil way that not only finds a way to make something productive happen, but also shows respect.

No matter what our politicians do or say, our job is still the same.
Be A Good Human Being