Elect to Reach Out!














This might be the strangest election blog you’ll see this year! Why? Well, because I’m focusing on things other than the issues, the hate and fear, the media talking heads, the latest polls, etc…

What am I focusing on? Others!

Across this Country, there are people who have severe anxiety conditions, panic attacks, others who have been scared by some of the things the candidates said or haven’t said. These are not just a few people. We all know folks who might fall into this category. And it is up to us to recognize these people.

What can we do to help? REACH OUT! If you know someone like this, please call them – just to say hi. Stop by their house “for no reason at all.” Let these people understand they are not alone! Reach out and let them know they matter.

There are many relatives, friends and acquaintances you might NOT know who are feeling this way. Well, now is the time to over-communicate with some love, kindness and positive energy. If you sense someone you think even “might” be feeling anxious, REACH OUT to them! The elderly, people living alone, those who are disabled, those battling chronic conditions are just a few groups that might be feeling this way.

What do you have to lose? I mean, what’s your downside here? There isn’t one! The worst thing that will happen is that you’ve spent some time with another human and given them a little happiness and positive energy.

If you are one of the people I’m talking about here, I want you to know that you are not by yourself! There are plenty of others going through challenges 24/7/365! It’s OK to feel what you are feeling. Reach out to someone you trust. Talk to yourself and tell yourself how you are feeling, breathe and then breathe again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Use today as a conduit to building a better and more positive world around you. It truly is up to you at this point…