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The “YEA, BUT…” Phenomenon

There is a phenomenon sweeping the country and it’s not good. I call it the “YEA, BUT…” Phenomenon. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, I truly hope that you haven’t participated in it though. It seems that with every comment, decision or event that we don’t agree with, now it’s […]

There Comes a Time…

In your life, “There Comes a Time” when things change from simply hoping to do something or wanting to do something, to realizing that that you need to do it. You MUST do it. I started thinking about some of these things after the tragedy that happened in Charlottesville when […]

The Airplane Effect…

  For the most part, we have a want and a need to take care of others. This need is so big in fact, that many times we focus so intently on others even though we know it’s to our own detriment. So what are supposed to do, we need […]